Who we are

Welcome to moodsmilano.com

I am Michela and those who know me know it: I like being able to choose, change, wear all the nuances of my personality.

Since I was little I loved browsing through my mother's incredible wardrobe, having fun interpreting the day through a colour, a fabric, a style.

Play has become work, with the desire to try to offer all women, of all ages, the same wonderful opportunity: to dress their emotions.

This is how MoodS was born, with the desire to give us all moments to dedicate to ourselves, alone or in the company of friends ready to play, creating our own style.

MoodS is for those who want to give themselves, or give, a gift that will leave you breathless, because every day deserves to be lived as a special occasion, with a dazzling smile and the awareness of feeling good in what we wear.

Whether they come from samples, fashion shows and showrooms, from private and vintage collections, from prestigious brands or emerging brands, all MoodS proposals are unique, just like each of us.

Now you can find them and buy them here too, browsing through the garments and accessories that I have selected for you, directly from our concept store in Milan, a stone's throw from the Arco della Pace.

At MoodS fashion, design and vintage blend harmoniously, enhancing the culture of art and beauty.

The thing I'm most proud of?
Here emotions are listened to, pampered, dressed.
And you will feel at home.